Sunday, April 3, 2011

Texas Campus Carry update.

Article is short, sweet and to the point. It gives the pro gun side and a slightly larger anti-gun side, but what do you expect it is the media and 99% of the time it is from the liberal prospective.

The bill goes on to a full senate vote. The outlook for the measure looks promising and Rick Perry promises to sign it into law if the citizens of Texas get the bill to his desk.

Contrary to what the typical media would have you believe, this will not allow college students to run rampant with guns. This simply allows those individuals that have to occupy a college campus, this means professors and staff as well, the ability to carry the gun they are ALREADY LICENSED to carry elsewhere like Walmart, the grocery store, the park and so on.

This is a great idea because we all know that by banning guns in certain places we are inviting a shooting gallery. The criminals do not give a crap what a sign or laws says, they are criminals. The left gives them too much credit.

Picture this, a psychopath decides that one day he is going to shoot up a crowd of people, he goes to his location and sees a no guns allowed sign. How many people think he will say: awe shucks I better find another crowd to shoot up? Too many! It is a stupid ideology that only makes people feel warm and comfy inside. The threat is still there.

I encourage yall to counter this utter stupidity, there should be no controversy to this bill.

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