Thursday, March 31, 2011

Update Guns with DirecTV

The owner of the Radio Shack says he will NOT give in to the corporate requests to no longer offer a gun with service. This man is a patriot!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

There is a Radio Shack in Montana that is offering a gun for satellite service.

This is kind of humorous, however I am disgusted by the corporate reaction. A single store wanted to have a promotion that involved giving away a gun. Promoting legal activity should never be condemned by a company. I support their right to do and say as they please, but it is not their place to condemn gun ownership.

It even says business has exploded in reaction to the promotion. It would be stupid for Radio Shack to make them stop.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Chicago Piece against CC What a surprise!

The woman in this article is speaking out against concealed carry. Of course she is wrong, the research and statistics have overwhelmingly proved that CC actually saves lives.

She at one point says: "it is like blaming the victim" when referring to the people that say that a concealed carrier can stop a massacre. Well I would argue that at least it gives the carrier an option to fight back.

Obama under increasing pressure over the Guns in Mexico scandal.

This is an article about the mounting pressures against the Obama Administration for the ATF Project Gunrunner scandal and the Operation Fast and Furious. This program needs to end, numerous people have already been killed due to this program.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

More guns less crime.

No this is not the book by John Lott, but it is a good opinion piece on the right to bear arms.

More guns really do equal less crime, so lets make more gun owners.

People act as if the second amendment is controversial. I am here to argue that it shouldn't be, we have the facts on our side, and we have one of  the world's largest lobbying forces. The best way to make people understand is to take them to the range with you. It is strange that the range changes people the way it does. I have taken 5 or 6 people, that didn't really have an opinion on guns, to the gun range and all of them have ended up gun owners themselves. I encourage all of my readers to take some friends to the gun range, it is fun and it enlarges the gun owner demographic.

Open Carry has been approved by committee in FL

Lots of pro second amendment bills within states lately. This would erase FL from the minority of states that prohibit open carry. This, if passed will be a huge win for FL.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Guns in Cars at Work

Most working Texans spend allot of time commuting, often through very bad parts of Houston, Dallas or San Antonio. A company should not be able to tell their employee that they cant defend themselves in transit to and from work.

This is a good bill that passes the TX senate and will likely pass. It forbids employers from prohibiting guns in their parking lots secured in employee's cars.

It says in the article that business owners oppose this bill because of workplace violence. This viewpoint has already been proven false. The mere fact that the employee is in possession of a gun makes them no more likely to harm anyone, the gun doesn't change the person.

I realize that there are business owners that would support this bill as well, these I applaud. If I were in a position to hire employees I would would allow concealed carry. I would even encourage it for sales agents.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

NRA Response to Obama's Call for More Gun Control

This article is written about the NRA response to Obama's call for more gun control recently. It is a well written letter that basically tells Obama that the guns are not the problem the mental health system and criminals are. The NRA proposed to Obama more strict punishments for those that do break the current laws.

The NRA also calls for an immediate end to the ATFs Mexican Gunrunner operation which let thousands of guns cross the border to make it to cartel hands. INTENTIONALLY...

Basically the NRA is addressing the issues that need to be addressed and hopefully Obama listens. More background checks are not going to matter if you constantly let violent criminals walk. They get their guns from each other.

This is the letter:

I urge my readers to read it and email the Obama administration to urge him to follow the direction of the NRA letter. This would be a good bipartisan solution (that could actually pass in the house) and would likely make everyone happy... Except for criminals.

Here is the email form to contact the Obama administration. Be polite and courteous regardless of what you think of his policies. We do not want to give them more reasons to label gun owners as toothless yokels.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Some Good Pro Gun Videos

I want to share some good pro gun videos with yall, I did say this was a compilation of pro second amendment media which isn't only news. Feel free to post up some of your favorites to share in the comments section.

I also like the Penn and Teller episode on gun control. There is a whole show up on you tube in various sections. It is a bit rowdy so I will let yall look it up if you are OK with a little cussing.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The opposite of Bloomberg's billboard van.

This guy set out to make a mockery of Bloomberg's previously addressed billboard van and support the right to bear arms at the same time. He got his own drivable billboard that explains how many people use guns in self defense daily. There is a picture of the van on the site. Yall will enjoy this.

A case for campus carry.

This article is an opinion piece written by John Lott, a well known expert on firearm statistics and the author of "More Guns Less Crime", a fantastic book that I have personally read and highly recommend. The statistics in Lott's studies really are pervasive in a ton pro gun arguments today.

As always remember that the right to bear arms should not be circumstantial. It should be universal. What good is the constitutional right if they can make exceptions to the rule whenever they want? Remember that the "bad guy" doesn't care if the school bans guns if he plans on murdering people.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Open Carry in Texas.

Open Carry bill has been presented to the Texas legislature. Texas is one of the final holdouts for open carry. Sponsored by representative Lavender, the bill has been presented despite NO COOPERATION from the Texas State Rifle Association. The organization behind this that deserves all of the credit is the "Lone Star Citizens Defense League" a new organization for the restoration of 2nd amendment rights in Texas. To join this great new organization go to:

I will cover more on this when the articles begin coming out.

Some new up to date news.
This is the most up to date article on the ATF project gunrunner article I have right now.
This article is following the right to carry bill that is making its way through the Illinois legislature.
North Carolina Bill to allow carry in new places that were previously prohibited.
CHL Privacy bill going forward in Oregon.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Reason the 2nd Amendment is Still Around.

This, in my opinion, is the most important post yet. There is a huge reason that we have not completely lost our gun rights and that is a very strong lobbying force. I highly suggest researching a state program for you to become a member of. As far as the national ones, I am aware of these two.

The NRA- The NRA is at the forefront of our fight against wrongful gun control. I have been a member of the NRA since age 18. They have publications, a political victory fund, news broadcasts and all sorts of things. They are the big mighty gun lobby that politicians are afraid of. I donate additional money to the NRA every time I feel like the anti-gunners are getting out of hand.

The GOA- Gun Owners of America is a smaller lobbying group that tends to rarely side with a democrat, even a pro gun democrat... Naturally I am also a member of GOA. They are more of a no compromise gun lobby and it becomes more evident when the NRA buddies up with the likes of Harry Reid.

I would have to say, despite a few screw ups, I find the NRA to be the more effective lobbying group, because of brute size and reach, if you only have the money to join one it is the one I would join. I STRONGLY suggest that all gun owners that love the second amendment join one or both of these lobbying groups. These groups are the only thing that stand between the politicians and our guns.

Gun owners should realize it is a constant fight to keep the second amendment. It is exactly why I started this blog.

Something must be done about the ATF.

The Obama Administration is ignoring the scandal where the ATF let thousands of guns into Mexico. This is an outrage. If you feel the same way, help gun owners by contacting your congressperson using the link on the sidebar. I would appreciate it if this agency's lies didn't get swept under the rug. Please voice your concern about the ATF making these ridiculous decisions.

Monday, March 7, 2011

GA is trying to expand right to carry to church.

There is a proposal that would allow concealed carry by license holders in churches and other places of worship.  This is a great advancement for GAs gun rights. Allot of even pro gun individuals cringe when you talk about carry in a church, but it is perhaps one of the easiest places for a mass shooter to "get" as many people as they can. Lots of people in a confined place makes these locations really vulnerable. It doesn't matter that these places are filled with religious individuals that would likely never go on a rampage. Anyone can walk into a church.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Illinois Releasing a List of Gun Owners.

The Illinois attorney general wants all gun owner data to be public information. This is wrong in so many ways. I wish someone would also publish her info. This list would be similar to a sexual predator list.

This gives criminals a great list of homes that DO NOT have guns as well. Wow, now all a criminal needs to do to safely steal things is to check to see if their potential victim is on the list. Then they meet no resistance when they break in.

I would argue that this does more harm to non gun owners than gun owners. However gun ownership is no ones business but their own. What's next? Financial or medical records?

Friday, March 4, 2011

NC: 2 Pending Pro-Gun Bills!

NC has 2 pending pro-gun bills. One if passed will allow guns in parks and restaurants. The other will decriminalize locking your firearm in your vehicle while at work.  Not much to comment on here except to contact your representatives and show your support for the bill's passage. Being able to defend oneself is neither circumstantial nor locational.

Further ATF "guns in Mexico" news.

These articles are a further look at the ATF sending guns to Mexico scandal that I addressed on Monday. Seems like a counterproductive program unless your agency is trying to inflate statistics against gun ownership. This is an outrage.,0,2309966.story

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gun Control is a MYTH! This is a great video!

I came across this great video. It is a report from John Stossel. It is a bit outdated, but its a good video.

Wyoming Passes Permitless Carry!!

Wyoming's governor signed permitless carry into law, making it the 4th state to do so. This is a great move for the protection of the citizens of the state. These laws typically say, if you are legally allowed to own the gun and you are not involved in anything illegal you can carry your firearm as it is your property.

The licensing process has a big flaw. Only people that care about the law are going to get licenses, leaving the criminals to carry as they please. Many people in my home state of Texas would carry their firearms if not for the hassle (10hr class) and expense (about $300 when its all said and done) of a licensing process. Licensing leaves these law abiding people unarmed unless they are at home.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Arizona Leading the Pro Gun Rights Movement Again with AZ SB 1201.

This bill looks like a fantastic law! Arizona is leading the pack.

I like the fact that it would establish a liability against the government agency for disarming a lawful individual, but the mere fact that it allows a citizen to take an elected official's car kind of pushes it into left field. I am highly interested to see where this one goes.

Palm Beach Florida Trying to Pass City Ordinances Against the Right to Carry and "High Capacity Magazines",0,5240615.story

The city of Palm Beach launched a crusade against constitutional rights when they considered this ordinance. It is absurd to me why people have blatant fact available to them and they choose to ignore it. There is not a single statistic that says concealed carry is a harm to society.

Bills like this are a huge double standard; they will allow police to keep their hi-cap magazines, but they proclaim over and over again threat hi-cap magazines are made for senseless killing. If they have no defense purpose why do police officers still get to carry them.

I strongly urge my readers to flood the City of Palm Beach with polite emails suggesting against this ordinance. Also urge the Florida legislature to pass the previously addressed law restricting municipal officials from being able to ignore state law.

You can use this tool to contact almost any rep; local, state or national. I am going to put it on the side bar for future reference.

Nevada Bill: Right to Privacy for Concealed Carry Permit Holders.

There is a bill in Nevada that makes concealed carry licensing data confidential. This reminds me of the "whospackinginny" site where they out concealed carry permit holders and their addresses. I believe it was removed.

This would be a huge and dangerous breach of privacy. Any criminal that would want a free gun could break down your door when you leave and take them. They would know you have at least one gun.

It looks like this bill has pretty good support.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Concealed Carry in Illinois!

This article talks about how Illinois may be getting "shall-issue" concealed carry soon. This means that the state must issue you a permit if you are eligible to get one. IL is one of the last to the party, being potentially the 49th state to allow concealed carry. 

There were comments from opponents in the article preaching "guns on the street" well he needs to look at some statistics. Concealed carry does not make more guns available, it simply allows the lawful owner of a firearm to seek a license and carry HIS OR HER PROPERTY on their person. No criminal will seek a license because they don't care that it is illegal to carry.

I personally believe licensing is a infringement of second amendment rights, however this is a step in the right direction for Illinois with some of the most draconian gun laws on the books.